Monday, November 12, 2007

Experimental Farm


gorjus said...

Jim, I like! Please keep doing these comics!

plok said...

Have you been reading my diary, Jim?

So far I can't get mine to publish. But I will!

Jim Roeg said...

Thanks, gorjus! Three panels is about my attention span these days, so the odds of more Experimental Farm look good. I'll forge ahead, even without ideas!

plok - I hope that the next installment isn't plucked from your diary too--things are getting a little scary over at the experimental farm... Don't eat the mushrooms!

P.S. Is the publishing problem related to your screen resolution? I was having trouble with some things because my resolution was too low and I couldn't see all the buttons. Increasing it shrinks the size of display, but allows you to see eveything (you probably know this already, but it was news to me). Can't wait to see your Stripgenerator creations!

plok said...

Nope, it just seems I keep getting error messages when I try to publish a strip.

Which is frustrating because I keep trying to publish the same one, and that's becoming a chore.

But ohh well! Off to try again.

plok said...

Grr...I really liked that last one...

Jim Roeg said...

Oh no!

plok said...

If nothing else, I'm getting lots of ideas...

Time to check the forum!

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