Saturday, July 07, 2007

New BATO = New Adult Titans

Yes!!! It’s not exactly one of the teams I asked for, but close enough.

The other fantastic news here is that the absence of Nightwing paves the way for the teased “adult Titans” team. If I were a betting man, I’d lay money on prediction that one of the forthcoming Countdown teases (which are gorgeous, btw) will be a pic of the New Adult Titans Team.

My fantasy line-up? So glad you asked.

The first orders of business:

1) Re-age Raven. The teen Raven has been a ridiculous cartoon tie-in marketing gimmick that completely ignores the nature of the character from the get-go.

2) A return of the real Brother Blood and his Church. Plus Arella and Mother Mayhem.

3) In the background, Trigon is rising...

4) Bring back Lilith. She's about as dead as Donna Troy was after that terrible miniseries that set up Johns's Teen Titans.

5) More "Children of the Sun." Was that ever resolved? Was it retconned out of existence? I can't remember.

6) A proper Tamaran epic.

As to the issue of who should write this title... Must I even spell it out?

Thank you.