Saturday, March 18, 2006

Double Articulation Returns in April

A Note From the Ledge: Thanks to all who've been stopping by lately to see what's new. As you may have noticed, Double Articulation has been on hiatus for the last few weeks. Despite my best efforts at self-rescue, I've been clinging to the ledge of a very high building for the last month and have been preoccupied with digging in and not plunging to my death. Never fear, though. Jim Roeg has strong fingers and Double Articulation will return in April, during that wonderful window of unstructured time between the end of classes and the moment, later in the month, when my students write their final exams. I've got a lot of things in mind, not least of which is my contribution to plok's inspired Seven Soldiers of Steve challenge. I've offered to contribute a piece on Steve Gerber's Marvel Two-in-One issues that I'm very excited about tackling. 'Till then!