Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Gone Roeg (with apologies)

Sometimes I flatter myself extravagantly enough to imagine that someone might wonder: whatever happened to that Roeg fellah? Well, the usual. I'm still swamped at work, as always, but I've somehow managed to clear a small space for some blogging. And it feels good! I've revised, retitled, and made a substantial addition to the previous entry on The New Teen Titans #38, which is now called The Donna Troy Project. This is something I've been musing about for awhile and will be ongoing. (I'll try to add tags to this an other entires to make the site easier to navigate...soon.)

I'm even feeling ambitious enough to say that Spoilers Abound will be returning as a monthly (rather than weekly, or even "weekly") feature, though not immediately. I have a small stockpile of banal observations to make that I haven't the sense to keep to myself, so the relaunch of SA, when it happens, will no doubt be overstuffed (though not filling). Check back later this month, or in December. :)

Meanwhile, thanks to those of you who check back every now and then to see if anything new is going on. I've been barely more than a lurker in the blogosphere (what's left of it, now that it's "collapsed"!), but I'm looking forward to getting back to reading and writing about comics more regularly very soon.

Take care!
Jim Roeg


Mark Fossen said...

Sometimes I flatter myself extravagantly enough to imagine that someone might wonder: whatever happened to that Roeg fellah?

In fact, when I posted about House Of Leaves earlier this week I found myself thinking: "Damn, Jim would dig this book, if he hasn't already read it. Where the hell is he?!?"

Come back. Reading your analysis always made me "step my game up."

Hate Filled Poster said...

I even posted on Mark's site saying I would love to get your thoughts on Infinite Crisis I believe. Come back Jim! Come back!

Anonymous said...

The blogosphere sure has collapsed without Roeg, Fiore, and the Peiratikos couple. I was just about to write you an email asking how your new school year was going!

Jim Roeg said...

Thanks for the props, guys--I will do my best to be worthy of them! (Though I cannot accept David's judgment about even partial responsibility for the so-called collapse of the comics blogosphere--not with so many great blogs still out there--such as your own!) When I first began DA it was to give my mental life a little balance (rather than being an all work and no play kind of guy). Of course, being me, I quickly turned it into something that could quite easily become its own full time job (albeit an unpaid one). This worked well in summer, but once teaching resumed, it was too big to manage both, so the blog got shelved. Now I'm about ready for that second stage that every blogger must go through at some point: The Great Recommitment!...with slightly more realistic expectations. The challenge here is going to be actually integrating D.A. into my week instead of devoting entire days (which I don't have) to it. First up, some thoughts on Infinite Crisis (thanks Shane!). By the way, Mark, your recent essay on The Bulleteer was excellent! (And as for House of Leaves, that was given to me as a gift by one of my very best friends a few years ago--and of course sits unread on my bookshelf of "fascinating books that I haven't gotten around to reading yet." You're literally about the 8th person to recommend it to me though, so a critical mass of peer pressure is building! In fact, even before you mentioned it, I had intended on making it a project over Christmas break... The planets seem aligned! Thanks again. I think this means I'm back!

Jim Roeg said...

Thanks, Zack! I'm glad you're still reading--has The Secret Voice come out yet? I haven't seen it at my store, but the images on your site look fantastic.

zack soto said...

jim- Thanks!

it's more than a bit late (my fault), but if I'm to believe the inside scoop of my manly and handsome publisher, it should be in stores next week!

Jim Roeg said...

Zack--awesome! I'll watch for it. (After all, manly and handsome publishers don't lie...do they??)

zack soto said...

I don't think it's allowed in their charter. "Diamond is saying an in store date of 11/16."