Friday, May 12, 2006

On Existentialism (Part 2): Jim Roeg Does(n't) Cry

So, I had a really, really nice surprise this morning. Gorjus of PrettyFakes fame has paid me the coolest compliment I think I've ever received--check out his utterly amazing artwork based on the final panel from Steve Gerber's and Sal Buscema's Marvel Two-In-One #7 and this recent post by yours truly.

Paper Dolls Don't Cry (This Purse Will Look Great With That Dress!)

Gorjus, what else can I say but THANK YOU! (And please forgive me for stealing this image straight off your site. It's spectacular, and I love it. *Sniff*)

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gorjus said...

Jim, I'm glad you liked it. Your intricate and dedicated efforts to find art nestled deeply within the art form we all love (comics!) is an inspiration and a challenge. It makes me love that artform all the more, yet also not take it for granted, and to look for hidden secrets and wonders.