Saturday, October 28, 2006

Lost Objects 2: What Was It?

Walt Disney Uncle Scrooge #175 (1980)


Anonymous said...

I give up!

On the other one, too!

But it's a very pleasant feature. Easy on the eyes.

Jim Roeg said...

All will be revealed... the fullness of time.

(I hope.)

Matthew E said...

I actually read the comic book that that appeared in, but stap my vitals if I can remember anything about it.

Jim Roeg said...

The story is called "Wispy Willie," which is the name that Donald and the kids give to a will-o-the-wisp created from swamp mold. A childhood favorite.

Mithra Vankipuram said...

I remember that... that's the story where Scrooge is trying his best to scare Donald and he asks one of his 'scientists' to create a will-o-the-wisp monster... only thing is Donald and his nephews help the doc and when Scrooge releases 'Wispy Willie' into Donald’s backyard (that frame is Wispy Willie peaking into Donald's house through the window) it doesn't scare any of them. Instead Donald and his nephews wonder if they have any carrots to feed him. Scrooge of course is left dumb founded. LOL... loved that one!