Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Experimental Farm


Anonymous said...

What happened?

Or is it only me that can't see it anyomore?

Richard said...

No, seems to be down right now. None of my fiendish Internet jiggery-pokery can contact their server. To judge from the problems we were both having in trying to publish strips before they went down, maybe something got broken and they're trying to fix it.

Anonymous said...


That makes sense!

Maybe I'll be able to publish my C-grade Ed The Happy Clown crap one of these days, then.

Anonymous said...

Not until they support Linux, though, as it turns out. And here I thought they did.

Jim's got me quite hooked now on this creepy heroic journey with monkeys...

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Jim! Here's hoping no harm will come to you...

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