Monday, April 28, 2008

I Would Like To Know... [UPDATED!]

The Mighty Avengers #12
Did Alex Maleev use a celebrity photo reference for his awesome rendition of Nick Fury in last week's Mighty Avengers? His Fury reminds me of someone, but damned if I can put my finger on who.


Colin Farrell is good guess, and, sure, I can see some Rollins in there, too, and definitely the CSI guy (George Eads)--he'd crossed my mind, too. (My original, and very lame guess, was Nick Lachey.) But I think Sean Kleefled nailed it: Dominic Purcell from Prison Break. The likeness is even clearer in the pictures of bald Nick earlier in the same issue.


Adam said...

looks a little bit like colin farrell...

Sean Kleefeld said...

Dominic Purcell from Prison Break...

Anonymous said...

Oh my God, it's Rollins!

...Either that, or Joey from Friends.

No, you know who it is? It's that one guy from CSI. Sigh. I love Maleev to pieces (say, DC isn't by any chance planning to use him in a Final Crisis Teaser, are they Jim?), but I weary of these lowbrow photo-refs. Doesn't anyone ever use Jean Cocteau or Paul Muni anymore?

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