Monday, April 14, 2008

Not them too!

SPOILERS! You always knew that the Wolvie-Sabretooth feud was more bark than bite, didn't you? Turns out, beneath all the feral grunting, growling, and rending of flesh they're just a couple of family guys who'd gladly trade in their claws for a soy latté and an I'coo Targo with cub. This priceless pic from the set of the Wolverine film gives away the ending...but who cares? You'll go see it anyway.
[via SuperHeroHype]


David Golding said...

Do mutant healing powers work for sleep deprivation?

I guess if the kids have mutant healing powers then at least Wolvie and Sabretooth don't have to baby-proof their homes---how I envy them right now!

Jim Roeg said...

Mine don't, dammit!

Mutant healing powers for the kids would certainly be nice, though they wouldn't do much to temper the property damage that feral babies would produce. I'd like an apartment with mutant healing powers too.

Anonymous said...

The Uncanny X-Apartment!

Anonymous said...

Hope it survives the experience!

Its speed belies its size!

It's the best at what it does, but what it does best isn't very nice!

Jim Roeg said...

"Its speed belies its size!"

Frighteningly so.