Thursday, May 01, 2008

Teaser Wall Showdown



Anonymous said...

Okay, I think these are both not so good, but the Didio one, really a bit sad. Not just that it's a knockoff of the Rip Hunter graffiti in 52, which was about half-good and half-just okay...but this one's pretty damn boring. About the only thing that catches my eye is the "52-1 = 0" bit, but then again I really am not sure these guys have much of a plan to make what lies behind that equation more than just sorta interesting. They might, of course! But I don't feel very teased by these teasers, really.

As to Fury's "Life"-wall...hmm, I'm decidedly underwhelmed by Secret Invasion in any case, and I'm not at all confident that the "Sixth Sense" moments won't be fatally garbled. And I just wish it was over already, I feel like I've been being buffaloed by these rhetorical questions ("Who Do You Trust? Whose Side Are You On?) for so long that I'd really prefer just to have it all end so I can find out if it made any sense or not.

But, hey! Pretty pictures.

Jim Roeg said...

Yeah, the DC wall is the more depressing of the two for me as well. Nevermind that the teases are pretty dull--the stiffness of the execution undermines the effect of this "chalkboard" marketing subgenre anyway. At least in 52, the chalkboard actually looked like it was written in the hand of an inspired mad genius who was struggling to get all these ideas DOWN before they evaporated. This, on the other hand, looks like exactly what it is: a lifeless PR exercise that was probably written by one of Didio's office staff. Bah.

Fury's Wall has a little more spark to it--in part because even the decision about which characters are shown (Gargoyle???) contributes to the fun of guessing. I've surprised myself by how much I am enjoying Secret Invasion so far, even though the paranoia/xenophobia angle is unsavory if one thinks about it too much. Perhaps Bendis will be smart about how this aspect of Secret Invasion is handled; I don't know. Right now, I'm just enjoying the event as pure geekery. Sorta where I'm at these days. In case that wasn't blindingly obvious already!

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